February reads

Three of four books I read last month were audiobooks. I am powering through those Audible credits! My favourite last month was definitely the Lamott. In fact, that might be my favourite book of the year so far.

The Dog Stars, Peter Heller (audio)
Turns out post-apocalyptic narratives make decent audiobooks. Enjoyed this well enough, though a little less than I expected to.

Elizabeth and After, Matt Cohen
This book! I wanted to start reading it again, poring over the details I probably missed, the minute I turned the final page. So good.

How Music Works, David Byrne (audio)
Everything you ever wanted to know about music, right here. This is an excellent read. Byrne has obviously thought about this stuff in meticulous detail for many years and he uses a lot of clear, straight-talk to explain it all. My favourite bits are the ones about how music recording works and the music industry in general.

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, Anne Lamott (audio)
What a delightful little book. I’ve never read Anne Lamott and I’ve had a few of her books on my to-read list for ages. I am seriously tempted to binge read them all starting right now.

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