100 day project

So this is a thing that people do. They commit to doing one thing (usually one creative thing but I’ve seen many variations) everyday for 100 days. This is the iteration I saw most recently and decided to join.

Here’s the thing: I’ve always been a doodler. I distinctly remember being scolded in school for doodling in my notebook because doodling is indicative of an idle mind. Hey, it’s a good thing we grow up, leave school, and eventually recover from the ridiculousness that is foisted upon us when we’re young and impressionable. Now that I am a grown up, I doodle whenever there is a piece of paper in front of me and a pen in my hand. And I can say, with some certainty, that my mind is pretty much never idle (many days I wish it was).

A few months ago I realised that my doodling ramps up in intensity when I am really busy, stressed, or anxious, which led to the further realisation that drawing calms my mind and brings me a lot of joy. So for the last few weeks, I’ve been more intentional about drawing, setting aside some time at the end of the day to just draw, something, anything, to quiet the busy energy of the day and still my mind. It’s been a really good practice.

Then three things happened: I started following along with Lisa Congdon’s line drawing class on Creativebug, I started reading Austin Kleon’s new book, Show Your Work, and I stumbled upon the #the100dayproject hashtag on Instagram. And things just sort of came together from there!

So I’ll be drawing something everyday for the next 99 days and posting most of those drawings to Instagram (and maybe some right here) using the #the100dayproject hashtag. I’m telling myself that this is me showing up and not breaking the chain! Follow along and/or join me, would you?

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