Adventures in repeat patterns

It’s been, oh, maybe four years since I first started thinking about trying my hand at making a repeat pattern? Yeah, that sounds about right.


The other night I pulled out my molotow markers and drew this, a bunch of marks and shapes, standard stuff you would find me drawing when I have a pen in hand and no real plan.


The next night I took to the ipad for similar, mindless drawing, which is when I realised, hey, maybe these random shapes could be multiplied infinitely into a repeat pattern. If only I knew how to make one! Good thing I’d been saving tutorial after tutorial for this very moment, the moment I would finally put my mind to figuring out the mechanics of repeat patterns.


Spoiler alert: there’s not much to it. I made this pattern in about 6 minutes and I made all these different colour versions (because why not?!) in another 5.


It feels a bit like I’ve fallen down a repeat pattern rabbit hole. And I couldn’t be happier down here!

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