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#the100dayproject, 2021 Edition

Another round of The 100 Day Project is in the bag! This is the fourth time I’ve participated (third time completed) and it’s a real learning experience, every time. For this round I drew stuff in the city where I live (Hamilton, Ontario) and used the hashtag #100daysofhamont. My intentions for the project definitely evolved…

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Behind the scenes: the making of a book/zine

Making Driving Around was one of the most fun projects I’ve worked on in forever! I learnt so much in the process that I thought I’d share some behind the scenes stuff in case it’s helpful to anyone else who may be on a journey to make/self-publish a small book/zine. The backstory It was mid-November…

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2020, a year in books

2020! A year when I had more time than ever to read and an attention span that was shorter than ever before (see: pandemic and all that attendant anxiety). 36 books in a year is not nothing but it’s a lot fewer than I’ve managed in previous years. Still, there were some good ones. Here’s…

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